South America By Road 10.000 km later…

The time has almost come to take a farewell of this amazing continent and this will happen with mixed feelings I can already feel them coming. Since I arrived almost half a year ago and landed in one of the biggest and busiest cities I have ever really experienced that closely at least so many places, people and experiences have entered me and my mind and will never ever leave! 


I sat down the other day and counted the total travel per bus, car, taxi, mini-van, metro and what ever horses we found on the way and the number exceeded 10.000 kilometers and over 20 cities, where I have excluded Brazil in the following. This really made me realize how much I must have seen. 


I think it works such that the feelings and appreciation and learning does not really happen before you let it grow on you for a while. You need to sit down and reflect over these things to understand the value that the travel in all its dimensions has to offer each and everyone of us. I have been privileged to meet all the people, seen all the places and have had the most amazing time over the months that passed by, and most important being able to do so while staying healthy and most of the time in my full common sense. 


I have over the months that past things that has happened tried to illustrate this in pictures and text, yet this will never illustrate the whole truth nor give the deserved understanding. That is why I will keep this insert very short in text and re-cap the journey in pictures rather. A picture is said to describe more than a thousand words, yet I dear you all to go out there near or far but just to experience trough all your senses and take with you what you cherish. I don’t tell anyone where to go I can only present my own humble view of how I have seen the things. We are learning every day and doing so we are growing..this is what I call living – and is not that what we are all here to do?

A Selection of Argentina – Uruguay – Chile – Bolivia – Peru:


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