Rio de Janeiro…

Rio de Janeiro, what can I say? Can I say home? Do I want to call it home? Will this be my home? What is home anyway and what does that include anyway? 


I have just now entered Rio de Janeiro for the fourth time over the last three years and I have to say I am glad to be back. It is impossible to describe this city and the ambient and what she offers without having been here but I will do my best over the next months to come to make it legitimate. I have decided to live here and I guess it is both up to me and the immigration officers to make this happen. 


The flight from Lima was passage in clouds after all the busses that was seen and experienced over the last few months thru South America but I finally arrived to the place that I want to discover and experience not only from the tourist point of view but from the Cariocan way with all that it gives..and takes. 


Since a few weeks I had completed my first part of an interview for a financial position n down town Rio and to get an opportunity to work for a company that is specialized in financial planning for expat companies in the city. A dream come thru for many I am sure, but taking into consideration that I came here both to know language and culture, neither will be served with a job like this. Nevertheless I am ready to work and enjoy with all the costs that this country and city brings…


So how is Rio from the eyes of a citizen? Well I do not always agree with the fact that the cashier always wins in the stores. I mean if something costs 5,61 it will always be rounded to the most convenient even this case to 5,65 and not that the 4 cents matter but when you take a bus with A/C and realize you have to pay 10 cents more, these 4 cents could have come in very handy in deed. When you think bus you have to be prepared to share not only your seat but your personal space as you go along. According to the maximum capacity I confirmed today while riding from down town one “normal” bus has a maximum capacity of 44 seats plus 40 standing seats! If not the weather of 36°C makes it hot enough riding the bus for sure will take care of the rest. 


The people though, ou the people…I think that is why I keep on coming back! I have not ever in my travels and no where in the world found as friendly people as I find in Rio de Janeiro. You will never feel like a stranger when the locals offer their help, their time and their time to discuss about anything. I love this feature and something that does not exist from where I come. It does not feel made up nor as harassment but rather like they want to know and tell and be friendly genuinely!


Me and my friend have found our place to lay our heads and to experience so much more and enjoy all that Rio has to offer. This is just the first touch and I know there will be many more…until then I want to share my pictures from the past travels in the city of Gods…


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